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May 30, 2014

Summer Birdfeeding: Entertainment in Your Backyard

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If you enjoy watching birds in winter, summer will bring a whole new world of entertainment to you yard. Species who migrate to warmer climates in winter pass through or reside in our area during the summer months.
Fruit-eating birds such as Gray Catbirds, Scarlet Tanagers, Cedar Waxwings, and Brown Thrashers return to this part of the country. Depending on the habitat in your yard, pieces of apple, oranges, raisins or grapes may attract them to your feeders. Robins and Bluebirds will feed on raisins and grapes, and Robins have been known to feed apple flesh to their young. Oranges are inviting to Orioles, and grape jelly is a favorite among these colorful birds with the cheerful songs. Orioles and Hummingbirds are also partial to nectar, either from flowers or a human-supplied sugar and water mixture.
By adding water to your backyard, you can increase the variety of birds who visit to include species that don’t normally utilize birdfeeders. In warm weather, it is a good idea to clean your birdbath every two to three days. This reduces the likelihood of algae growth and insect reproduction. Misters, drippers, and recirculating pumps that provide water sounds and movement increase the attractiveness of your water source to birds. They also break up the surface tension of the water, decreasing the odds that mosquito larvae will successfully hatch.
WBU Sm Seed Tube Fdr
In summer, most of our year-round birds sport their brightest colors. Seed-eaters will frequent familiar feeders even on the hottest days. Most birds that visit birdfeeders pick out several seeds before they find one they want to eat. A tray placed under the feeder to catch the discarded seeds and shells will reduce the amount of debris that lands on the ground. Many styles are available.
Another solution is to try hulled seed that is 100% edible. No-mess seed blends and sunflower chips reduce waste and are unlikely to sprout into weeds in your feeding area. You may also want to place mulch in the area under your feeder. When it is time to clean the area, the mulch can be turned under or removed and replaced with new mulch.
One of summer’s greatest pleasures is the variety of birds that frequent our area. Their songs, colors and entertaining behaviors bring natural enjoyment to our lives.

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